There are growing concerns over the decreasing amount of time that today’s youth are spending being active; Participation Nation is a perfect agent to engage the natural energy of students, channeling it into an experience that is fun, inclusive, non-competitive, and contributes to the achievement of a healthy lifestyle.  The welcoming environment that is created, coupled with the programs’ exciting rewards system, will have your students more active and your school environment benefiting from the effects!

Each separate PN program has a programming design goal to achieve. ie. Play 4 Fun is used to reinforce or learn fundamental movement skills plus promote guardian and child interaction.   The goal of Primary Achievement for grades 2 and 3 is to reinforce those skills and introduce game play. The Elementary Pin Winner’s program  is getting students who normally only participate in required physical education classes to not only be more active, but feel good about participation. Accomplishing this requires a safe and enjoyable sport environment free from criticism of skill levels and pressures to succeed both by “making teams” and winning. All schools across the province enrolled in our Participation Nation program have made an amiable agreement that all teams will be as evenly balanced as possible to ensure the maximum amount of enjoyable play. The High School Spirit program is designed for a sub committee of Student Councils to lead fun activities during lunch times,  spirit days as well volunteer to help the Athletic Director with hosting of Regional and Provincial Varsity events.   For more information on Play 4 Fun or High School Spirit please refer to the tab on the home page.

By signing on as a School Sports NL member allows you to be recognized as a Participation Nation school.   We have three options for membership based upon how involved your school would like to be.  Once you begin running our programs you can begin to access other specialized programming PN Unplugged (after school) or Play 4 Fun, Sprockids and PN Outdoor Adventures.   This specialized programs have funding opportunities that allow you to remove barriers to participation that your students face.

How To Get Started with PN Primary Achievement, PN PIN Winners or Junior High Jubilee events.  

Become a member by filling out the Membership Registration on the Home Page..

Select a PN liaison or put together a team. It may consist of administration, parents, teachers, students, community members or a combination of these. For example if you have a healthy living team at your school, designate one person to be the key liaison. This person will actively manage the rewards program at the school level and will be a contact for teachers or parents who want to facilitate an activity.

Decide how many and which activities you want to run this year, or perhaps in the next 3 years, and what the students will need to do to earn a pin or sticker for these activities. Remember that you do not need to fill the Sport Sac or certificate in one year. You may decide to take 3 years to fill in the spaces.

Decide on how to kick off the program in your school, maybe an assembly or through classrooms. It is important that the student’s know what the philosophy of the program is and how it is going to run in your school.

Order your supplies. Determine how many PIN Sport Sacs you need for your elementary students and/or certificates for your Grades 2’s and 3’s. Order your supplies at least 3 weeks before the event to allow time for shipping. The Rewards Tab is under the PN banner on the PN home page. It is red with white letters.

Celebrate with the students as they achieve a healthier, active lifestyle. Present the students with their rewards at an assembly or in the classroom. Recognize their choice to be active and watch their enthusiasm grow.

Our Event Formats

In-House is an event organized within your own school for your student body.

Intramurals can qualify as a PN Event under the following conditions.
A) It is one of the PN Activities and has a Sticker /Pin.
B) Round Robin tournament style –NO PLAYOFFS.
C) All students are encouraged to play and given equal time.
D) Events must take place during lunch or after school, or weekends. Must be a minimum of 3 weeks to play.

School Clubs that are implemented during lunch, after school or on weekends may also qualify if we have a Sticker or Pin that represents the Activity.

Friendlies are an event where 2 schools come together for a number of friendly matches. This event will qualify for school milk for all participants. Must order milk 3 weeks in advance using the order form on the side bar.

Festival of Sport Extravaganza is an event where 3 or more schools in the same region come together to play a number of friendly matches consisting of 1 Sport or Activity. This event will qualify for free milk and an Eat Great and Participate Nutrition subsidy if the event occurs over 4 hours.

Jamboree Style is an event that includes 3 or more schools playing 3 or more activities at the same event. Jamborees are the corner stone of our program and they give the student the ultimate experience. A nutrition grant to help with snacks, and free milk are provided. If an event is held over two days assistance will be provided with the cost of meals as well as providing free T-shirts to all participants. Providing t-shirts allows organizers to group students according to color rather than school, which allows for greater socialization and comraderie.

We recommend for your Primary and Elementary students to begin with In-House activities. In March once your program is established you may choose to participate in a special event with other schools. i.e. Education Week Jamboree style event.

We recommend for Junior High students; Friendlies, Festival of Sports and Jubilee Style events. We encourage all schools to do their best to participate in at least 2 multi-school events each year, whenever possible, in order to give your students an opportunity to experience the special atmosphere that comes with meeting and participating with other school’s students.