Participation Nation creates an extra-curricular school environment based on participation and fun, above all else.

The goal of Participation Nation is to get students active and involved in sports, regardless of their skill-set. It’s two main programs – Primary Achievement and Pin Winners – encourage students to take part in different sports and physical activities, by rewarding them for their participation rather than their skill level.

Serving students in grades 2-3 and 4-6, respectively, students are rewarded with stickers and pins for their efforts.

These core programs, are complimented by 5 other physical activity programs designed to engage kids from K-12:

Play 4 Fun (K-3)

Unplugged After School Program (4-9)

Sprockids (4-6)

Outdoor Adventures (7-9)

High School Spirit (10-12)

All PN programs have a common goal to keeping students active and involved throughout their school career.

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