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Participation Nation is a recreational program that engages the natural energy of students, channeling it into an experience that is fun, inclusive, non-competitive, and contributes to the achievement of a healthy lifestyle.


The welcoming environment that is created, coupled with the programs’ exciting rewards system, will have your students more active and your school environment benefiting from the effects!

PN Core Programs

Participation Nation has a Core program and Event series suited to every age group. These programs can be delivered by a physical education teacher or classroom teacher during lunch or after school. All programs have been designed to blend with a school's existing intramural program and have incentives for students including stickers, pins and special prizes. All SSNL member schools can take part in these programs & events.

Core Programs
 Development Programs

Participation Nation offers development programs that take place over 16-25 weeks. Play 4 Fun engages primary students and their caregivers in a fun engaging evening class and PN Unplugged offers a variety of activities after school for elementary students, lead by high school leaders.

Development Programs
03 Nov 14 - Holy Cross School Complex - Outdoor Adventures (Andy Poole) 1_edited.jpg
Adventure Programs

For students who love being outside and adventuring around in the great outdoors, Participation Nation offers two 8-week programs; PN Outdoor Adventures and SprocKids. 

Adventure Programs
Bayside Academy PN Jamboree 3.jpg
Adventure Races
& Dart Outdoors

During the winter months, Participation Nation partners with National Parks and Active schools NL to host a number of Adventure races across the province. PN also celebrates Dart Outdoors during NLTA's Education Week each year. 

Adventure Races & Dart Outdoors
Participation Nation's
YouTube Channel

Looking for fun ways to keep active at home, prep healthy snacks and work up a sweat, then look no further than our Participation Nation YouTube Channel. 

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