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Unplugged is one of Participation Nation's Development Programs and has been designed for students in grades 4-6. This program takes place twice a week for 16-25 weeks in the after school time slot. The primary focus of PN Unplugged is unplugging students from their devices and reducing the amount of screen time they're exposed to, all while encouraging them to be physically active. 

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PN Unplugged has been created to combat the amount of screen time both Elementary and High School students are exposed to in their after school time slot while watching TV, playing video games, browsing the internet and using smart phones. This program brings Elementary school students together to participate in activities that are delivered by high school leaders.

The PN Unplugged program is also a great opportunity for high school students to volunteer for their Career Hours. Volunteers receive certification in High Five Principles of Healthy Child Development.  The Unplugged program may include funding for equipment, nutrition grant, and transportation.

"I cannot say enough about this program. I believe it is a tremendous asset for our children. To get children to totally unplug for an hour a day is a big accomplishment in itself these days but to add some much-needed physical activity, fun, and learning is just an amazing gain for out youth"


~ Program Facilitator at Viking Trail Academy

PN Development Program Coordinator, Amy Butt, is DANCEPL3Y trained and certified. Here's a clip of her leading an Unplugged class. If you're interested in having Amy do a DANCEPL3Y class or to find out what options are available to your school, reach out to her directly at

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