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The SSNL Varsity Program is the competitive stream of School Sports NL, which consists of tournaments and programming in 17 different sports at the Senior, Junior, and Foundation Levels of school sport.

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Official Sports

SSNL Official Sports begin competition at the Regional level with the opportunity for teams and individuals to advance to the Provincial tournaments. Approximately 245 SSNL Official Sports’ tournaments are played every school year.

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Foundation Sports

SSNL Foundation is the introductory phase of any sport wishing to become and Official Sport. Through tournament competition, these sports are focused on fostering and growing the interest of the sport province-wide. 

Junior Varsity Sports

SSNL Junior Varsity offers tournament competition at the Regional level through our existing 2-sport introduction model and our exciting new pilot program. 

Unified Sports

School Sports NL believes in providing as many students as possible with the benefits of participating in school sports program. As part of our inclusive programming, SSNL has partnered with Special Olympics NL to sponsor and assist in the development of Unified Sports.


The goal of Unified Sports is to join people with and without intellectual disabilities (ID) on the same team to train and compete. Unified Sport regional tournaments are currently offered for 3 on 3 Basketball (November), Bocce (March) and Indoor Soccer (May).  They take place on Fridays during the school day.

For more information on Unified rules and how to establish a program at your school, contact either Trisha Boyer (709) 729-3684 -  tboyer@schoolsportsnl.ca or Lesley Pilgrim at Special Olympics NL at (709) 738-1923 - lesleyp@sonl.ca.