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SSNL Varsity Volleyball

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Qualifier Tournaments

SSNL Qualification Tournaments are regional tournaments held in our 10 Official sports. Any SSNL member school can participate in a Qualification Tournament and the teams from these tournaments that meet the advancement criteria move on to compete in the SSNL Provincials. There are approximately 200 SSNL Qualification Tournaments held each year across the entire province. 

Provincial Tournaments

SSNL Provincial Tournaments are the preeminent competition in school sports in Newfoundland & Labrador. Schools that meet that advancement criteria from the SSNL Qualification Tournaments compete to become the Province's best in 10 Official Sports and up to 4 different classifications in both boys, girls, and coed categories, depending on the sport. There are approximately 45 SSNL Provincial Tournaments held each year across the entire province. 

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