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Sports Stars

The Sports Stars program is designed to recognize and celebrate a Member school's well-rounded athletic program, its participation in the Varsity program and PN Core Program Events as well as other applicable SSNL programs. It aims to recognize the efforts of schools in providing SSNL programs that enhance and promote their students and school.

Schools are recognized at the Gold, Silver and Bronze level based on the overall points accrued throughout the year. Points are awarded for Participation, Sportsmanship and a school's success at Varsity Tournaments.

Points Needed to Earn a Sports Stars Banner 
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How Many Points Does My School Have?

PLEASE NOTE: A tally of points will be forwarded to schools & posted on the SSNL website in JANUARY, APRIL & JUNE at which time schools will have a week to identify & report any discrepancies to Karen at the SSNL Office by calling 729-0567 or by emailing

How to Earn Sports Stars Points

There are a number of ways to earn points for sports stars. Three benchmarks that represent the goals of SSNL Sport Stars: performance, multi-sport participation and sportsmanship are used to award

points to schools. 

Through statistical analysis of the past years results we have refined the population and points structure to reflect the actual point standard that has been set by schools within their population. 


The goal of the program is for every school to find a pathway to success. SSNL believes success is not defined only by reaching Gold level. Every school has their own unique challenges to participation, and it will be up to the individual school and their Athletic program’s philosophy to discover how they measure success.  

Please consult the Sports Stars Criteria for the exhaustive listing of points.

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