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Coaching Resources

School Sports NL places great importance on the safety and well being of its student-athletes. The following resources include a number of required courses for all SSNL coaches and teacher-sponsors as well as access to other great coaching content through the NCCP Locker and Coaching Association of Canada.

SSNL Coaching Requirements

In order for a team to be eligible to participate in any SSNL tournaments, the following 3 courses are Mandatory:


  1. “Making Headway” - To be completed by minimum of one member of the coaching staff

  2. “Safe Sport” Training - To be completed by all Coaches and Teacher-Sponsors

  3. "Rule of Two" - To be completed by all Coaches and Teacher-Sponsors

To complete the mandatory certifications, please follow the links in the highlighted sections below. 

Safe Sport

School Sports NL believes that all those involved in sport deserve an experience that is safe, inclusive, accessible, respectful, and welcoming. As a step to ensure all SSNL patrons feel safe within our program delivery we have dedicated this area to the education and resources needed to support a Safe Sport experience for all.

Beyond completing the mandatory Safe Sport Training for SSNL Members, we encourage everyone to check out the additional resources available through the Coaching NL toolbox linked below. This toolbox includes General Resources, as well as specific resources relating to Risk Management, Reporting and the Responsible Coaching Movement. 

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Other Great Coaching Resources

School Sports NL encourages all of its coaches and teacher-sponsors to take advantage of the many

free/small-fee courses offered through the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC/NCCP) and through the Canadian Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (CIAAA).

With the support of NL Schools, Athletic Directors and Teacher Coaches are encouraged to use the School and District close-out days to take part in Professional Learning that will assist them in their role in developing and administering School Sport programs in their school.

The following are some of the online opportunities that have been identified by School Sports NL that would be beneficial.

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