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Outdoor Adventures


Outdoor Adventures is one of Participation Nation's Adventure Programs and has been designed for students in grades 7-9. This program runs for 8 weeks and is scheduled for the after school time slot. The primary focus of Outdoor Adventures is reconnecting students with nature while teaching wilderness tips and survival skills.  

Outdoor Adventures

PN Outdoor Adventures enables students to build their practical knowledge in outdoor related topics such as shelter building, outdoor cooking, fire building, hiking, survival and more. Learning these new skills and working together with the other students in the program also helps to promote social and emotional learning through building self-efficacy, teamwork and leadership.

SSNL will provide one fully loaded leader pack as well as backpacks and supplies for every pair of students. Supplies includes a stove & wind screen, fuel, a set of pots, a kitchen set - complete with utensils & cutting board, a lightweight folding hand saw, water filtration tablets and a first aid kit. Leader packs also include a water filtration system. Please note, all supplies are provided on loan with funding available each consecutive year to top up fuel supplies. 

PN Outdoor Adventures Resource Videos
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