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The Primary Achievement program is one of Participation Nation's Core programs. Designed for students in grades 2-3, Primary Achievement focuses on developing the physical literacy of a student, encouraging them to participate in sport and physical activity, and overall inspiring them to lead active, healthy lives.

Primary Achievement Resources

Please note: There is no sign-up form for this program as it is available to all SSNL member schools. For more information on how to get started with this program in your school and to access a copy of the PN Core Program manual, email Natelle Tulk (

Primary Achievement

As a PN Core program, Primary Achievement is delivered by either a physical education teacher or a classroom teacher in a gymnasium during the intramural time slot at lunch or after school. A variety of sports and activities can be scheduled during intramural time slots throughout the year. As sports & activities are completed, students will be rewarded the appropriate collectable stickers and draw prizes. 

Below is the Primary Achievement Sticker Calendar with its corresponding categories of sports & activities that earn rewards for students. 

Primary & Elem Rewards Poster 2022-2023 V3.png
Sample Activity: Hula Hoop Showdown
[NEW] Ready to Play Resource

New this year, Participation Nation has put together an easy to use, ready to play handbook, that will enable classroom teachers with little knowledge on intramural programming to deliver a fun and exciting program to students. Find out more by checking out the Ready-to-Play criteria in the Primary Achievement Resources section above. 

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