We are back to Fun, Fitness & Fairplay!

The Covid-19 virus has caused us all to re-think about how we continue doing the things we love but with safety in mind. Yes, it is a different experience but also gives us an opportunity to evolve our practices.  We are releasing our PN Core Manual with Covid-19 protocols to give you our facilitators the tools you need to implement a safe lunch time PN program.  Click this link for your copy PN Core COVID 19 RESOURCE MANUAL
We realize that you can only implement our program one classroom at at time.  However, this may be an opportunity for you to reach the students who never participated before.  Our rewards are the same and we hope your students will be excited and encouraged to try different activities and be rewarded for doing so.  We look forward to working with you! For reward details please contact Courtney at 709 729-2710 or [email protected]