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The Latest News & Contests
We are pleased to advise that applications are now available for our SSNL Participation Nation Development & Adventure Programs. These programs are specialized programs, available only to our Member schools. 

Development Programs Take place over 16-25 weeks in the after school time slot and include our Play 4 Fun program and our Unplugged program. While our Adventure Programs take place over an 8-week period and include PN Outdoor Adventures and Sprockids.

PLAY 4 FUN engages students in grades K-3 and their caregivers in a fun engaging evening class that focuses on teaching fundamental movements and skills. 
Learn more: https://www.schoolsportsnl.ca/play-4-fun 
Apply now: https://ssnl.online/ssnlparticipationd03329 

UNPLUGGED focuses on unplugging students from their devices and reducing the amount of screen time they're exposed to, all while encouraging them to be physically active. This program is designed for students in grades 4-9 and is lead by high school leaders.
Learn more: https://www.schoolsportsnl.ca/unplugged
Apply now: https://ssnl.online/ssnlparticipation1dbe5c

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES is designed for students in grades 7-9 and is focused on reconnecting students with nature and teaching wilderness and survival skills.
Learn more: https://www.schoolsportsnl.ca/outdoor-adventures
Apply now: https://ssnl.online/ssnlparticipationdc959c

SPROCKIDS focuses on educating students in grades 4-6 on cycling safety and etiquette, while also teaching riding skills and bicycle maintenance.
Learn more: https://www.schoolsportsnl.ca/sprockids
Apply now: https://ssnl.online/ssnlparticipation10759f

IMPORTANT: Both Outdoor Adventures and Sprockids are currently at capacity; however, we are accepting applications and will be adding schools to a waitlist in the event slots become available at the start of the 2022/2023 school year. 

DEADLINE: Friday, June 10th. 

May 16, 2022

Applications available for 2022/2023 PN Programs

Participation Nation launches call for Applications for Development & Adventure Programs

School Sports Newfoundland and Labrador is proud to officially announce its new partnership with Keyin College! Keyin College is joining the SSNL Varsity Program as a Gold Medal Sponsor and will be contributing $100,000 to the program over the next 4 years. 

Specifically, Keyin College will be involved with a number of Varsity initiatives including our MVP & Sportsmanship award program, Sports Star program and Scholar Athlete program.

We are thrilled with the prospects and opportunities that exist within this new partnership. Keyin's commitment and support is a huge boost to our Varsity program and we are excited to welcome them to our team.

Oct. 14, 2021

SSNL Varsity Program Welcomes New Sponsor to the Team

SSNL welcomes Keyin College to the Varsity team!

In response to the return to school plan outlined by NLESD earlier this week, SSNL has issued its own statement regarding SSNL activities set to take place during the fall of 2021-2022. 

SSNL continues to follow the advice and direction of Public Health, NLESD, and individual schools regarding the health and safety protocols for our programs. Any new protocols put in place for COVID or any other situations that warrant increased precautions will be reviewed and communicated to convenors and program facilitators.
Individuals should be encouraged to participate in SSNL sports and activities in a manner in which they feel comfortable. While masks are currently not mandatory in schools or in SSNL programs, individuals will ultimately make their own decision on mask usage and should be supported in this personal choice.

Aug. 12, 2021

SSNL issues Covid 19 statement for fall 2021-2022

SSNL issues covid-19 protocols in response to NLESD return to school plan.

It's that time of year when we turn the power over to you to highlight and recognize an outstanding SSNL volunteer. Due to the nature of the year, we will not be accepting nominations for Student-Athlete and Student-Volunteer of the year; however, we have 5 awards available for nomination:

PN Ambassador Award:
Recognizing outstanding achievement by teachers, schools or organizations involved in any of the Participation Nation Programs. Teachers who have contributed to student participation in Participation Nation’s recreational sport and physical activity programs over the course of 10 years can be considered for this award.
Nominate: https://ssnl.online/participationnation9bd8b3

PN Champion Award:
Recognizing program and event facilitators who advocate for increasing physical activity for their students in the extra-curricular time slot. They also promote the need for recreational sport and physical activity opportunities for students within neighbouring schools.
Nominate: https://ssnl.online/participationnation01a964 

Varsity Coaching Service Award:
This award is intended for a coach who has a long history of involvement in Varsity school sports. It is intended to recognize a coach who has a strong developmental program in the school, and has demonstrated a strong commitment to the total development of the student-athletes in his/her program.
Nominate: https://ssnl.online/coachingservice1a5615

Varsity Regional Recognition Award:
This award is presented annually to an individual from each of the School Sports Newfoundland and Labrador’s eleven regions. The recipient, selected at the regional level shall be a coach, a convenor, an official, or an administrator who is deserving of SSNL recognition for his/her contribution to school sport.
Nominate: https://ssnl.online/regionalrecognition556e23

SSNL Honour Award:
The Honour Awards are presented annually to individual(s) in recognition of outstanding service to school athletics at provincial, regional and/or zone levels.
Nominate: https://ssnl.online/honourawards1982c0

Deadline for all award nominations is Wednesday, June 1st! 

May 5, 2022

Call for Nominations for the 2021/2022 SSNL Awards

It's that time of year when we turn the power over to you to highlight and recognize an outstanding SSNL volunteer.

October is Active Transportation month and to celebrate we've partnered with Active Schools NL to challenge our member schools to get their students out and actively transporting themselves to school. 

A custom 9-slot bike rack for your school! Plus, all participating students can receive a special Active Transportation Month participant sticker (while supplies last).

The entire population of a school is encouraged to get to school in an active way - whether that's walking, biking or cartwheeling, if they're moving their bodies to get there, it counts!

--> For every student that actively transports themselves to school, the school receives one point, per student, per day. 
--> For students who require bussing, schools can still receive one point, per student, per day if those students participate in 20 minutes of physical activity at lunchtime.

At the end of each week in October, homeroom teachers will tally up the total points for the week and submit them through our google form. The school with the highest percentage of participation per capita, will win the grand prize.

IMPORTANT: To qualify for the grand prize, at least 50% of a school's homeroom classes MUST participate in the initiative over the course of the month.
--> WHAT THIS MEANS: If a school has 10 homeroom classes in total, at least 1 person in 5 of those classes will need to participate at least once during the month. Meaning, we'll need to see google forms submitted by at least 5 different homeroom teachers over the course of October. 
--> NOTE: If your school has an odd number of classes (ex: 15 in total), you'll need to round up to the next number (ex: 8 classes), to qualify.
There are 2 days in October where your school can earn bonus points. Earn 5 points when your school shares a photo on Twitter mentioning @schoolsportsnl with the #SSNLContest OR via email to Natelle (ntulk@schoolsportsnl.ca). Be sure to include your school's name so we know where to reward the bonus points. 

--> October 6 - International Walk to School Day (max of 5 bonus points per school)
--> October 20 - Take Me Outside Day (max of 5 bonus points per school)
--> IMPORTANT: You DO NOT need to include your bonus points as part of your point tally for that week. SSNL will add the bonus points for you when we receive your school's photo.

Stickers are available to all participating schools while supplies last, so please order early to avoid disappointment. Place your order through Diana (dfisher@schoolsportsnl.ca) specifying your name, school, school address and requested quantity. The deadline to order is October 8th.

All points must be tallied and submitted by end of day Monday, November 1st. The grand prize winning school will be announced Thursday, November 4th. 


Oct. 1, 2021

Active Transportation Month Contest

Win a Bike Rack for your school

Sportsmanship is such an important part of all our programming at SSNL. This type of perseverance and inclusion is fantastic to see and we're so glad that Luc got to experience the Provincials and that he has such a great support system from both Indian River High and his soccer team.

Check out the story below, written by Karen Huxter. For the article, complete with photos, check out the link: https://www.hatshaiti.org/2021/10/21/inclusiveness-and-sportsmanship/ 

Luc, a member of the IRH soccer team who has Cerebral Palsy, witnessed, and was greatly touched by, these two important things at the above mentioned soccer tournament. Having disappointedly  stayed out of most sports due to his inability to use his hands like other students, Luc put his focus on the sport he has loved since he could sit up, the sport he could do with his feet, soccer. Soccer (foutbol) is very important in Haiti. Luc started learning to play it while sitting on a little chair before he could walk.

School sports can play an important part in the formation of the lives of young people. I am  pleased and thankful to see IRH School offer a variety of sports for the students. I was quite pleased this year to see Luc try out for the soccer team, something he has wanted to do for the past three years.

Being accepted and included as a part of the team, being treated like other students, is extremely important to someone who is differently-abled.

Luc, having been totally accepted and included, by his coach, his team members, and teacher rep, and having been given good field time by his coach told an adult friend upon return, “They treated me like gold.”  This was ‘Inclusiveness’ at its best.

In the last game of the tournament for our team Luc got control of the ball and headed for the net of the opposing team, Lab City. Luc, like me, was wondering when the ball would be taken from him, but kept on going as he heard his coach’s voice encouraging him on. When he scored Luc and this mama were both thrilled to see and hear BOTH teams clapping and cheering. We witnessed  ‘Sportsmanship’ at its best.  Obviously both teams wanted to see the ‘Differently-abled student score a goal’.

Thank you Indian River High School for all you have done to accommodate and provide beautifully for Luc’s needs. Thank you that he has been welcomed and ‘included’ by teachers and students. You are to be commended for showing students total acceptance and inclusiveness.

This fall, being on the soccer team, Luc has felt 100% included and accepted in every possible way. We both know that coming to Springdale and Indian River High school was the best decision we could have made.


Oct. 25, 2021

Inclusiveness & Sportsmanship - Feel good news!

The Community Outdoor Adventures Manual is a new resource that has been written for Individuals, Families and/or Municipalities to learn and prepare for Outdoor Adventures. The manual includes embedded educational videos for simple explanations. 

This manual has been written by: Trisha Boyer, Assistant Executive Director School Sports NL based upon their successful School Sports NL (SSNL) Participation Nation Outdoor Adventures Program. 

Additional writings have been submitted by:  Dr. T.A. Loeffler; Professor of Outdoor Education and Recreation, School of Human Kinetics and Recreation Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. Pam Mills, Recreation Specialist, Megan Cummings, Recreation Specialist (Inclusion), and Stephanie O’Brien, Eat Great & Participate Coordinator from Recreation NL. 

SSNL would like to thank them for their guidance, input, and editing.  Funding support was provided by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, for the development of this resource. We thank them for their support.

Click here (https://bit.ly/3hEvk6h) to download the FREE Community Outdoor Adventures Resource.
For Municipalities interested in implementing a Community Adventures Club for Youth, SSNL recommends  you apply for equipment through the Gov NL Community Healthy Living Fund (https://bit.ly/3jQMU8w). Guidelines (https://bit.ly/3DWTh1U) and Application (https://bit.ly/3DQk9ka). 

The deadline to apply is  December 31, 2021 . If approved we will provide you with the equipment and our Community Outdoor Adventures Manual- backpack edition.

Sep. 6, 2021

SSNL launches FREE Community Outdoor Adventure Resource

The Community Outdoor Adventures Manual is a new resource that has been written for Individuals, Families and/or Municipalities to learn and prepare for Outdoor Adventures. The manual includes embedded educational videos for simple explanations.


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