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SSNL issues Covid 19 statement for fall 2021-2022

Aug 12, 2021

In response to the return to school plan outlined by NLESD earlier this week, SSNL has issued its own statement regarding SSNL activities set to take place during the fall of 2021-2022.

SSNL continues to follow the advice and direction of Public Health, NLESD, and individual schools regarding the health and safety protocols for our programs. Any new protocols put in place for COVID or any other situations that warrant increased precautions will be reviewed and communicated to convenors and program facilitators.

Individuals should be encouraged to participate in SSNL sports and activities in a manner in which they feel comfortable. While masks are currently not mandatory in schools or in SSNL programs, individuals will ultimately make their own decision on mask usage and should be supported in this personal choice.

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