IMPORTANT:  This year, SSNL Track & Field will be presented in a modified version so that it can still take place. NLAA and their Technical Director, George Stanoev will run a partner event and oversee the SSNL competition (along with SSNL Rep, Rosemary Ryan) during their already scheduled NLAA Junior High Track & Field Meet being held Saturday, June 1st at the Pearlgate Track & Field Complex in Mount Pearl.

All athletes in Grade 7-9 must run in the NLAA event under their rules and are eligible for their awards only. The High School athletes in grades 10-12 will run the SSNL portion of the event only and follow SSNL modified tech standards rules and are eligible for SSNL awards only. Both events are run on the same day. CLICK ON THE TOURNAMENT PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS.