The Participation Nation Champion Awards are presented annually to individual (s) from four of the NLESD regions and from three of the CSFPTNL regions. Nominees are Participation Nation adult event facilitators who are advocates for increasing physical activity for their students in the extra curricular time slot.  They also promote the need for recreational sport and physical activity opportunities for students within neighbouring schools.

 One of three 2017-2018 Participation Nation Champion Award recipients is -Nicole McLean from Amos Comenius Memorial in Hopedale, Labrador . This award was presented to Nicole at the recent SSNL Awards Banquet and presented by Darryl Feener Assistant Director of Education (Avalon) with NLESD.


Nicole has been a very strong advocate for physical activity,  health and wellness for her entire tenure at Amos Comenius Memorial. For ten years, Nicole has created and developed a fantastic athletic program and is a big proponent of Participation Nation and its values. Nicole has 90% of the school’s student body heavily engaged in PN Core programs and  SSNL’s Monthly Active Challenges.    Stay tuned in November as we highlight another Champion Dana Pittman.