How much money will it cost my school to run the Participation Nation program?

There is a membership fee per school based both upon your school enrolment. Their is no additional costs for your school to participate throughout the year.  Being a member entitles your school to receive a banner for the gymnasium identifying it as a paid member of the program , all program material and the reward programs for the students,  the PN facilitators receives a piece of PN clothing and your school is eligible to apply for  nutrition and equipment grants .

What is Participation Nation?

Participation Nation (PN) is a school based program designed and implemented within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The program is strictly a recreational sport and physical activity program that encourages fun, fitness, fairplay, friendship and a future in sport.  There are currently 5 programs under the PN banner and range from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Which students can participate?

For Primary and Elementary, all students should be encouraged to play. In Junior High, when choosing students to participate in the Participation Nation you should first only choose students who do not participate or normally participate in competitive "picked" school or community teams. This program looks to provide an environment for those students who do not normally get to experience the sporting atmosphere provided by competitive sports. You will find that when school’s athletes are removed; our program's students are not only more comfortable, but also perform their skills with a higher success rate. For High School Spirit-all students are encouraged to play as the program activities are low organized games with the goal of generating school spirit.

How many activities are we required to run in a school year?

There is no set number of activities that you must run. Each school is unique in terms of its resources, space availability, and goals. We encourage schools to provide students with a multi sport experience and try to obtain a minimum of 5 sports from September to June.

We are already offering several programs at our school. Is Participation Nation an "add on" program?

Ideally, Participation Nation will be integrated with existing programs within the school. For example, it can take the existing intramural program to a new level with a more inclusive and non-competitive approach. Combine Participation Nation with student leadership by having students actively involved in organizing, implementing, and running the events. Include Participation Nation within health through the "Eat Great and Participate “Sticker “or “pin”; perhaps it recognizes healthy nutrition choices. Incorporate Participation Nation within all school activities by emphasizing a "fairplay" philosophy through out all classroom activities. The Participation Nation program could become a part of the school award recognition system. Encourage your parent council to get involved; they could assist with running events or maintaining data records. Use Participation Nation as a strategy in your school renewal plan; action plan for Healthy Student Healthy Schools, or action plan for being a Participation Nation is just one more approach to help students become more active in a really fun way!

How do we become a Participation Nation school?

Please register your school from the home page .  Your school needs to be willing to adopt the Participation Nation philosophy of offering an opportunity for students to be active in a non-competitive, inclusive and fun environment. It is designed to provide a fun and active environment for students in grades 4-9.  There is no emphasis placed on winning in this program and all formats must be of a round-robin nature or without any team or individual advancement. Ideally, you would identify someone within the school or school community to act as the liaison between the school and the Participation Nation contact(s). The liaison would simply contact Trisha Boyer at the PN office at 729-3684.

If you are interested in PN Play 4 Fun,  PN Unplugged and/or High School Spirit these programs have criteria that a school must meet as well as a separate registration (with no extra fee). Please check out the program tabs on top of the page for more information on each program.