Junior High students still crave the Festivals of Sport and Jamborees that Participation Nation has provided them over the years. Students miss the camaraderie,  fun, and the visiting of other schools, experienced while playing PN sports. The emphasis is on fair play, participation and mixing and matching teams so that it isn’t about school rivalry but the opportunity to learn new skills and experience recreational sport. Teachers love the simple organization Festivals of Sport and Jamborees provide and the philosophy that easily involves many students.


Please complete the rewards form for your event as well as a milk form (3 weeks before event) so that we may arrange for school milk plus send some fabulous prizes for your participants. Prizes include PN T-shirts, small sports equipment, Logo apparel from your favourite professional teams.  You are also entitled to a nutrition grant that equals .50 -$1.00 based per participant based upon the event.  Check with Courtney 729-2710  for the amount your event will have allocated.