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Inclusiveness & Sportsmanship - Feel good news!

Oct 25, 2021

Sportsmanship is such an important part of all our programming at SSNL. This type of perseverance and inclusion is fantastic to see and we're so glad that Luc got to experience the Provincials and that he has such a great support system from both Indian River High and his soccer team.

Check out the story below, written by Karen Huxter. For the article, complete with photos, check out the link:

Luc, a member of the IRH soccer team who has Cerebral Palsy, witnessed, and was greatly touched by, these two important things at the above mentioned soccer tournament. Having disappointedly stayed out of most sports due to his inability to use his hands like other students, Luc put his focus on the sport he has loved since he could sit up, the sport he could do with his feet, soccer. Soccer (foutbol) is very important in Haiti. Luc started learning to play it while sitting on a little chair before he could walk.

School sports can play an important part in the formation of the lives of young people. I am pleased and thankful to see IRH School offer a variety of sports for the students. I was quite pleased this year to see Luc try out for the soccer team, something he has wanted to do for the past three years.

Being accepted and included as a part of the team, being treated like other students, is extremely important to someone who is differently-abled.

Luc, having been totally accepted and included, by his coach, his team members, and teacher rep, and having been given good field time by his coach told an adult friend upon return, “They treated me like gold.” This was ‘Inclusiveness’ at its best.

In the last game of the tournament for our team Luc got control of the ball and headed for the net of the opposing team, Lab City. Luc, like me, was wondering when the ball would be taken from him, but kept on going as he heard his coach’s voice encouraging him on. When he scored Luc and this mama were both thrilled to see and hear BOTH teams clapping and cheering. We witnessed ‘Sportsmanship’ at its best. Obviously both teams wanted to see the ‘Differently-abled student score a goal’.

Thank you Indian River High School for all you have done to accommodate and provide beautifully for Luc’s needs. Thank you that he has been welcomed and ‘included’ by teachers and students. You are to be commended for showing students total acceptance and inclusiveness.

This fall, being on the soccer team, Luc has felt 100% included and accepted in every possible way. We both know that coming to Springdale and Indian River High school was the best decision we could have made.


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