When are membership fees due?

They must be received at the SSNL office by October 31st.  A late fee of $50 will be assessed after that date.

How do I go about hosting a qualification tournament?

Contact your regional director.

Can I change my classification?

Yes, requests are entertained by the SSNL executive at the meeting prior to the AGM for soccer and slo-pitch, at the September for volleyball and by January 15 for basketball and ball hockey. For the 2015-16 school year, classifications are frozen while a complete review of the classification system takes place.  Classification requests down will not be entertained, however, classification request upwards may be granted.

Are teachers required as coaches for school teams?

Teachers are not required as coaches, however if the coach is a non-teacher, there MUST be a teacher sponsor on the bench and responsible for that team when competing in SSNL events.  Non teacher coaches are required to take the Coaching in NL Schools Coaching Program.

Can I change a date for a tournament I am hosting?

Provincial tournament dates are set by the Annual General Meeting and cannot be changed unless there are province wide unusual and extraordinary circumstances. Qualification tournament dates can be changed with the permission of the SSNL office provided all participating schools give written approval and the new date still meets the provincial tournament registration deadline.

Are Level 4 students still eligible to compete if they have only competed for 1 or 2 years?

Level 4 students are not eligible to compete in SSNL events. Exceptions will be entertained by the SSNL executive if the reason a student is back for Level 4 is because of medical reasons. For more specific details, please consult the SSNL Handbook.

Is there a limit on the number of players I can carry on my roster?

Yes, there is a maximum number for each sport as outlined in the Handbook. Schools must be aware that these are the maximum that will be accepted for SSNL tournaments. There have been changes to allow a maximum per tournament and a maximum per game in some sports.  Consult the technical standards for each sport for more information.

What is the SPORTS STARS program?

Sport Stars is a points program which recognizes the accomplishments of a school's athletic program through their participation, success and sportsmanship in SSNL events. Schools accumulate points throughout the year and are awarded a gold, silver or bronze banner at the end of the year.