Types of Grants

A) Sport Development Fund. Grants are available to schools to introduce a new sport at the junior high and high school level or re-introduce a sport (the sport has not been offered in 3 years). The grant may be used to purchase small equipment or pay a specialized instructor to come to the school to teach the sport to the volunteer coaching team. Grants in the amount of $200-$500 will be awarded depending on the application. Limited funds available and funds will be issued on a first come first serve basis. We want to ensure that the money awarded will be enough to start your program so please research the cost of the equipment, resources, and/or instructor fees as the amount awarded your school must match the receipts returned to School Sports NL.

B) Specialized Program Fund. Equipment is available to implement programs that increase participation in non-traditional sports and physical activity programs for under represented groups. Under represented groups targeted with this grant are: females, aboriginals, new Canadians, students with disabilities, and males not wanting to play traditional sports. Eligible activities are: Boccia, Yoga, Kin Ball, Tchoukball, Orienteering, and Geo-caching.

This grant can also be used to support a teacher to take a training course in order to learn the expertise needed to offer the sport or activity. Grants in the amount of $200-$500 will be awarded depending on application. Limited funds available and priority will be given to rural Newfoundland and isolated communities in Labrador.

* If your school is already receiving funding for Sprockids, PN Unplugged, PN Play 4 Fun, PN Outdoor Adventures – your school is ineligible to receive this funding stream.  This decision is based on the rationale that your school is already receiving multi -year funding. 

Criteria For Both Grants:

– The sport or physical activity must be held in the extra curricular time slot and not during school time. – – The program must not cut any student wanting to participate, as the goal is to organize recreational sport and physical activity opportunities.
– Students must register for the program. SSNL will forward a generic registration form for you to use and send back to the office for our database and statistics, once your application has been approved.

Administration of Grant: Grants will be awarded on a first come first serve basis if the application meets the criteria. If your school is successful in obtaining one of our grants, a letter will be sent notifying you of the amount that your school has been awarded. School Sports NL will re-imburse your school the amount outlined in the letter upon your submission of receipts for the equipment purchase and /or instructor fees. We expect to receive a copy of the invoice from the company you purchased equipment from and/or the instructor costs from a provincial organization. We will only re-imburse the school and not an individual.

For more information on these opportunities please contact Trisha Boyer 729-3684 or

[email protected]