The Newfoundland Labrador High School Athletic Federation (now known as School Sports Newfoundland & Labrador) was formed in 1969 through the government Department of Provincial Affairs.

The Director of the Physical Fitness Division at that time, Mr. Graham Snow, recognized a need for a provincial organization to coordinate and administer interscholastic athletics in Newfoundland and Labrador and consequently convened meetings of interested persons to form such an organization.

The Federation was founded on the belief that “school athletics made an important contribution to the goals of education and as such were an integral part of the total educational process.” Following from that belief the objectives of the Federation were developed which subsequently became the basis upon which the Federation was developed. One of the key objectives of the Federation was to “encourage participation in inter-school athletics on the zone, regional and provincial levels through promotion and sponsorship of zone, regional and provincial athletic programs.” The promoting of interscholastic athletic competition continues to be one of the main objectives of the Federation. The mission statement, confirms this philosophy.


“School Sports Newfoundland and Labrador is an education based organization dedicated to ensuring students develop healthy living habits and experience the life-long benefits of participation in physical activity and sport. Our programs are fostered in a safe, caring and nurturing school environment.”


School Sports operates its program on two organizational levels. The first level of organization is the regional level which is made up by combining zones and schools within a particular geographic area. The zones within each region elect a regional director who becomes their representative on the Provincial Executive as well as coordinator of activities in that region. School Sports sponsors and regulates the qualification inter-regional tournaments in which the schools compete. There are currently 11 regions representing 118 schools at the high school level.
The second level of organization within School Sports is the provincial level. There are three components of the organization at the provincial level. The first component is the provincial office which is basically the administrative unit. The second component is the Provincial Executive which is made up of the President, Past-President, three Vice-Presidents and the 11 Regional Directors. This component is responsible for directing and making decisions between Annual General Meetings. The third component at the Provincial level is the Legislative Council. This body is made up from representatives from each zone association plus the Provincial Executive. The Legislative Council meet at the Annual General Meeting where it becomes the ultimate decision making body for the Federation.

This past year School Sports organized over 200 regional and 45 provincial tournaments. Participation in high school athletics exceeds 7,000 student-athletes and over 1000 volunteer teacher-coaches. School Sports offers programs in 12 official sports and 3 demonstration sports for male and female student-athletes.

By 2004, School Sports Newfoundland & Labrador had come to the realization that there was a void in school based programming at the Junior High level. Because of this, we launched a Junior High Program, Participation Nation. This innovative program enabled all junior high students to be involved in a Pin Winners Program.  The main philosophy of this program is one of participation and getting as many junior high students active. The program helps the youth of our province develop healthy lifestyles where physical activity in an integral part of their daily lives.

The Participation Nation program has expanded into the Primary (Play 4 Fun) , Elementary (Elementary Achievement), the PN Unplugged after school program and High School (PN High School Spirit). Other activities and program School Sports undertakes on an annual basis include:

  • Publication of various documents in support of the athletic and activity programs to aid the volunteers in the administration and delivery of core programs
  • Tournament awards programs for all Provincial and Regional tournaments
  • Annual awards program to recognize outstanding student-athletes, coaches, administrators and schools
  • Coordination of scholarship program for student-athletes
  • Sportsmanship First Program
  • Sports Stars Program
  • Tournament Milk Program
  • Participation Nation – K-12 programming
  • Coach Education  program
  • Web Site –

School Sports Newfoundland & Labrador is an important non-profit grassroots organization in the social, cultural, educational and economic landscape of our province. Through School Sports activities students from K – 12 from schools all across the province engage in activities that promote healthy lifestyles, sportsmanship and responsibility. They are encouraged to participate in the educational opportunities available to them. It also serves to teach leadership skills, goal setting and involvement in your school and community life.


The following tournaments will be held over the course of the 2015-16 school year. Each provincial tournament has corresponding qualification tournaments associated with it.

  • 2A Boys Slo-Pitch
  • 3A Boys Slo-Pitch
  • 4A Boys Slo-Pitch
  • 2A Girls Slo-Pitch
  • 3A Girls Slo-Pitch
  • 4A Girls Slo-Pitch
  • 2A Boys Soccer (7 a side)
  • 2A Girls Soccer (7 a side)
3A Boys Soccer
  • 4A Boys Soccer
3A Girls Soccer
  • 4A Girls Soccer
  • Jr Boys Cross Country Running
  • Sr Boys Cross Country Running
Jr Girls Cross Country Running
  • Sr Girls Cross Country Running
  • A Boys Volleyball
  • 2A Boys Volleyball
  • 3A Boys Volleyball
  • 4A Boys Volleyball
  • A Girls Volleyball
  • 2A Girls Volleyball
  • 3A Girls Volleyball
4A Girls Volleyball
  • 3A Boys Indoor Soccer
  • 4A Boys Indoor Soccer
3A Girls Indoor Soccer
  • 4A Girls Indoor Soccer
  • Jr Boys Cross Country Skiing
Sr Boys Cross Country Skiing
  • Jr Girls Cross Country Skiing
  • Sr Girls Cross Country Skiing
  • A Boys Basketball
  • 2A Boys Basketball
3A Boys Basketball
  • 4A Boys Basketball
  • A Girls Basketball
2A Girls Basketball
  • 3A Girls Basketball
  • 4A Girls Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Girls Wrestling
Boys Wrestling
  • Table Tennis
  • 2A Boys Ball Hockey
  • 3A Boys Ball Hockey
  • 4A Boys Ball Hockey
2A Girls Ball Hockey
3A Girls Ball Hockey
4A Girls Ball Hockey
  • Boys Track & Field
  • Girls Track & Field
  • Demonstration Sports
Touch Football
    • Tennis
    • Archery