Starting this month, and every month until June, we will be giving away merch prizes to our Varsity Volunteers (Athletic Directors, Tournament Convenors, Coaches and Teacher-Sponsors).

Winners can choose between one of 6 merch items including our Varsity Hoodie, SSNL Crewneck, Varsity T-shirt (male or female cut), Varsity Mask, SSNL Toque or SSNL Water Bottle as their prize.

For the month of December, we have included volunteers from all of our Fall Varsity sports including those who had registered for our Volleyball Sectionals.

All volunteers who have been with us since the start of the school year have been added to our master list. Please note, as new sectional tournaments come up, all convenors, coaches and teacher-sponsors who register for those tournaments will be added to our list and will have the opportunity to win a prize. Going forward we will draw 8 names each month and a final 10 in June.