After 50 years in the business of high school sports, we have decided it is due time for us to launch an Alumni Association.

Understanding that school athletics are a major part of many people’s high school careers, we want to provide the opportunity for former student-athletes/program volunteers, to stay connected.

At this time, our goal with this association is to gather up as many of you as we can, then work together to figure out exactly what you’re most interested in as SSNL Alumni. From there we hope to grow this group to a point where we establish different Alumni chapters who can then work on their own initiatives.

So if you have represented your school at a Newfoundland & Labrador High School Athletics Federation (NLHSAF) or a School Sports NL event, in the last 50 years as a Student-Athlete/Participant, Coach/PN Facilitator or Volunteer, AND you are interested in any of the following: reconnecting with old teammates and rivalries, donning your old team colours and repping your school in an Alumni Tournament, attending a regional Alumni social, or even checking out a current SSNL Tournament – you’ll want to join our list!

We have big plans for our new association, but we can’t make any of them happen without YOU!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this ball rolling. We have 50 years to catch up on!

Signup HERE!