School Sports NL is very aware of the concerns surrounding the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19. Although to our knowledge, no confirmed cases have yet been reported in our province, we understand that this is a very fluid situation and things are changing by the day, and even by the hour.   While we feel there is definitely reason for concern, and extra health precautions should be taken to avoid the spread of the disease, a decision has to be made to weight the caution with the undue panic that could also result in rash decisions.


School Sports NL operates within the school system, and although we as an organization are not under the direct jurisdiction of  NLESD, our member schools are. In past situations, we have taken direction from them and operated our programs based on their directives to their schools, and we will continue to do so. All SSNL programs and activities, including Hoopla 2020 will go ahead as planned, until we get direction from the NLESD to do otherwise, or until the number of interested/available schools make programs not viable.


If cancellations occur, every effort will be made to reschedule events, in some format for a time when the current public health situation subsides. We will keep schools posted as the situation becomes more definite.