A new school year means exciting changes for School Sports NL; its Participation Nation program starts the year with a full rebrand.

School Sports NL, Participation Nation (PN) program starts the year with a new look. The rebrand includes a redesign of the main Participation Nation logo and its seven inclusive, non- competitive recreational programs – Play 4 Fun, Primary Achievement, Elementary Pin Winners, Unplugged, Outdoor Adventures, High School Spirit, and Sprockids. The main Participation Nation logo has been simplified and now includes a rainbow of coloured stars, each of which represent one of the 7 programs. The revitalized branding connects each individual sub-program to the greater Participation Nation program and unifies the overall brand.

‘This rebrand has been a long time in the making. We’ve always known these individual programs to be part of the greater picture of the active and healthy lifestyles we try to instill through the PN program, but now everyone else can see it too,’ states Trisha Boyer, SSNLs Asst. Executive Director. ‘As we continue to spread awareness of this program within schools, we’re confident this rebrand will make our new and current members feel part of the greater PN picture.’

The new brand, crafted by HIVE, will be reflected through all new communications, social media, print materials, and the School Sports NL website.