School Sports NL would like to bring awareness of a funding program that exists to help persons with a disability to become involved in sport or recreational opportunities. Click Recreation and Sport PWAD grant guidelines for the guidelines and application form.

Funding is for 1) Equipment Program – supports high performance/elite athletes and teams to attain the proper training equipment to perform to the best of the athletes potential. 2) Travel Assistance – supports high performance/elite athletes and teams to compete provincially, regionally, nationally and internationally at various sporting events and training camps.
3) Recreation & Sport Development Projects/Initiatives – provides supports for organizations/groups in the areas of transportation for on-going programs, training/personnel supports such as honorariums to support volunteers, training supports for referees, coaches, and classifiers, and purchasing equipment to develop and implement recreation and sport programs.

Applications will be accepted for the grant program from the following groups:
– Not For Profit Sport Organizations (PSO’s)
– Municipalities, recreation departments/commissions
– Non-profit organizations/groups
– Community Groups (CYN’s, Boys and Girls Clubs, Allied Youth NL, etc.)
– Schools

All groups must be recognized as a member in good standing with Recreation NL, School Sports NL, or Sport NL.